Blogsten vs PowerMail

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What is the difference between PowerMail and Blogsten you might ask?  This is an excellent question certainly.  The short answer is that Blogsten is part of the PowerMail family and is the most powerful version of PowerMail.  We were going to name it PowerMail Pro Premium however decided that with the amount of changes that went into the programming, it was more appropriate to have it's own name.  We have changed many things about the component which is why it is a new component but part of the family.


Blogsten is a fork of our PowerMail platform that has many new features and a total new architecture.  It is built around a plugin concept which is new to PowerMail allowing development of custom plugins which can allow the Joomla administrator to email to any part of the Joomla site.  

Currently we have developed plugins for Joomla content, K2 content, EasyBlog and Kunena.  These work only with the paid version of Blogsten which is called Blogsten Pro.  In addition, a new templating system is available for your alert email so that you can send the email sender a custom email when they send content to the site.  Blogsten has a brand new language editor so that you can customize any part of the component to fit your needs exactly.

The Quick Edit Plugin is a revolutionary new plugin concept that is being introduced for the summer of 2015.  It works with Blogsten Pro and will allow one to edit any part of articles quite simply just using your email.  We're excited that this may revolutionalize the way in which Joomla sites are edited.


Blogsten is currently released as a stable version and is available now.  It is compatible with Joomla 3.4

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