Background of Powermail

powermailThe need for PowerMail was born out of a specific need for a community website for health care professionals.

We found that our users would not normally login and add content easily.

The need for an email based content delivery system was apparent.  The Joomla extension options were reviewed and tested and the MMS blog component was found to be the best suited for the purposes.  MMS blog was developed for a boy scout application to send content via a cellphone to a website and was well developed.   Unfortunately, the development of the component became stagnant.


PowerMail4Joomla grew out of the MMS Blog project that needed further development.  The component has been essentially completely overhauled and major portions have been re-written.

New features that were needed included:

1.  Emailing directly to Joomla content sections and categories

2.  Adding html capabilities has allowed rich content to be posted directly to websites by forwarding html emails with many photos embedded and more.  Photos can be directed to the front or end of an article.

3.  The use of Powertags which allow an enabled user to direct the mail to the section and category and overide the defaults in addition to allowing certain parameters or start and end dates to be sent in the email to direct the content without logging in.


Development of this component has taken much time and investment and this development continues for the purpose of improving the component to serve our community and your community better.

100% of the profit for the sale of this component did go toward helping toward reaching the blind poor in the developing world.  Vision Outreach International ( is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization dedicated to caring for the blind from cataracts around the world.  Mission Eyes Network ( and Global Sight Alliance ( are community websites that involve ophthalmologists from all around the world that give of their time to serve around the world for the needy blind.

While PowerMail development is not under this auspice anymore, the developers are very involved.  If you would like to learn more or contribute directly to this cause, please see any of the above sites or go directly to